Our farm in Toblach / Alta Pusteria Valley

Quality farm products, etc.

Were you ever on a farm?
Or to be more precise - in the middle of one?

In addition to the comforts of our hotel, the culinary variety of the restaurant and the individual comfort of our residence in Toblach, we have added an extra something in addition and make it possible for our guests to have an up-close experience on a real farm in Toblach, including a horse farm!

You can visit our new cow barn and our horse and pony breeding area.

PonnyAnimals on the farm

Just like it should be on a real farm in Toblach / Alta Pusteria Valley, we also offer our farm-produced products to our guests.
This includes not only the typical breakfast eggs from our happy chickens or the milk of our cows, but also meat, ham and sausages:

  • Meat from our own Limousine (top-class French beef cattle)
  • Angus beef (Irish gourmet beef cattle)
  • Kaminwurzen sausages, garlic sausages, salami and bresaola

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